Sibley's Erotica Master List
By Sibley Stamps

The master page of every Sibley Stamps work in one place! Click any link to see all available stores that work can be found in. (Psst... I painted all of those book covers, too. ♥)

Cryptid Gangs: 4 Group Monster Sex Encounters
Tentacles: Thick & Slimy: 4 Tales Of Intense Creature Sex
Tentacles: The Wet & Messy Bundle: 4 Stories of Slimy Tentacle Sex
Sasquatches: Domination: 4 Rough Monster Ganging Stories
Dogman: The Alpha's Knot Bundle: 4 Tales of Rough Monster Sex
Bigfoot: Rough & Wild: 4 Tales of Giant Cryptid Sex
Halloween Encounter: A Fated Mates Erotic Romance (With Tentacles)
Rammed By The Goatmen: A Hard & Horny Group Sex Short
Naked With The Fresno Nightcrawlers: An Outdoor Cryptid Sex Short
Taken By The Sasquatches: A Rough Monster Ganging Short
Railed By The Hat Man: An Erotic Horror Short
Stretched By The Tentacle Soldiers: A BDSM Sci-Fi Group Sex Short
Pounded By Bigfoot: A Rough Outdoor Sex Short
Legs Open for the Dogmen: A Knotting & Breeding Sex Short
Caged With The Dogmen: A Dubcon Ganging & Knotting Sex Short
Ganged by the Sasquatches: An Intense Monster Sex Short
Enticing the Yeti: A Busty Size Kink Monster Sex Short
On Her Knees for the Dogman: A Sorority Hazing Monster Sex Short
Sacrificed to the Alien Tentacle God: An Instant Pregnancy Egg-laying Sex Short
Ganged by the Mothmen: A Hypnotic Dubcon Ovipositor Sex Short
Mounted by the Dogman: An Intense Knotting Sex Short
Sentenced to the Tentacle Chair: A Rough Dubcon Punishment Sex Short
Paying the Tentacle Boss: A Gay Dubcon Tentacle Sex Short
Horny for the Alien Tentacle Vines: A Sci-fi Tentacle Sex Short
Pleasing the Tentacle Warden: A Prison Anal Tentacle Sex Short
Whipped by the Sasquatches: A Rough Ménage Punishment Sex Short
Backdoored by Bigfoot: A Massive Cryptid Anal Sex Short
Claimed by the Dogman: A Gay Knotting & Biting Sex Short
Getting Dirty with the Dogman: A Rough Cryptid Knotting Sex Short
Knotted by the Dogman: A Feral Cryptid Sex Short
Reluctant Mate of the Dogman: A Straight to Gay Monster Sex Short
Ganged by the Dogmen: A Double Knotting Cryptid Sex Short
Tasting Bigfoot: A Deepthroat Cryptid Sex Short
Suckled by Bigfoot: A Wet & Messy Lactation Sex Short
Spread for Bigfoot: A Gay Domination Cryptid Sex Short
Punished by Her Tentacle Master: A Domination Punishment Sex Short
Tentacle Confessions: A Gay Roommates Sci-fi Sex Short
Squirting for the Sasquatches: A Rough Group Monster Sex Short
Spanked by the Cowboy: A Discipline & Submission Sex Short
Punished For Her Big Mouth: A Very Rough Oral Domination Sex Short
Bent Over by the Aliens: A Probing Machine Sex Short
Paying With His Cherry: A Sci-fi M/M/M First Time Anal Sex Story
Bride Of The Alien Tentacle Tentacle Gods: An Intense Oviposition Sex Short
Stretched By Alien Eggs: An Ovipositor Tentacle Sex Short
Squirting For The Goatman: A Psychic BDSM Monster Sex Short
Impregnated By The Ovipositor Space Dinosaurs: A Group Sci-Fi Egg Sex Short
Begging For The Sasquatches: A Rough & Intense Ganging Short
Tempting The Mothman: A Psychic Cryptid Sex Short
Stuffed By The Poltergeist: A Ghost Tentacles Sex Short
Chased By The Dogman: A Rough Outdoor Knotting Sex Short
Taken By The Pleasure Beast: A Gay Tentacle Alien Sex Short
Double Knotted By The Dogmen: A Rough Outdoor Group Sex Short
Double Probed By The Aliens: A Wet & Messy Machine Sex Short
Bred By The Space Bugs: A Rough & Intense Ovipositor Egg Sex Short
Used By The Hat Man: A Rough Shadow Figure Sex Short
Used By The Tentacle Tyrant: A Slimy BDSM Alien Sex Short
Alone With The Dogman: An Intense Knotting Sex Short
Pounded By The Abominable Snowmen: A Rough Group Monster Sex Short
Stuffed By The Black Friday Tentacles: An Erotic Horror Short
Tentacles: Stuffed & Slimed: 4 Slippery Tales Of Creature Sex
Obedient for the Mothman: A Straight to Gay Cryptid Sex Short
Dogmen: Pleasing The Pack: 4 Intense Group Knotting Stories
Willing For The Tentacle Fiends: A Messy Monster Sex Short