By Sibley Stamps

Every erotic work about cryptids that Sibley Stamps has ever written, all in one place! Click a book to see where it can be purchased online.

Cryptid Gangs: 4 Group Monster Sex Encounters
Squirting For The Goatman: A Psychic BDSM Monster Sex Short
Tempting The Mothman: A Psychic Cryptid Sex Short
Ganged by the Mothmen: A Hypnotic Dubcon Ovipositor Sex Short
Rammed By The Goatmen: A Hard & Horny Group Sex Short
Naked With The Fresno Nightcrawlers: An Outdoor Cryptid Sex Short
Railed By The Hat Man: An Erotic Horror Short
Taken By The Sasquatches: A Rough Monster Ganging Short
Pounded By Bigfoot: A Rough Outdoor Sex Short
Bigfoot: Rough & Wild: 4 Tales of Giant Cryptid Sex
Dogman: The Alpha's Knot Bundle: 4 Tales of Rough Monster Sex
Legs Open for the Dogmen: A Knotting & Breeding Sex Short
Caged With The Dogmen: A Dubcon Ganging & Knotting Sex Short
Ganged by the Sasquatches: An Intense Monster Sex Short
Enticing the Yeti: A Busty Size Kink Monster Sex Short
On Her Knees for the Dogman: A Sorority Hazing Monster Sex Short
Mounted by the Dogman: An Intense Knotting Sex Short
Whipped by the Sasquatches: A Rough Ménage Punishment Sex Short
Backdoored by Bigfoot: A Massive Cryptid Anal Sex Short
Claimed by the Dogman: A Gay Knotting & Biting Sex Short
Getting Dirty with the Dogman: A Rough Cryptid Knotting Sex Short
Knotted by the Dogman: A Feral Cryptid Sex Short
Reluctant Mate of the Dogman: A Straight to Gay Monster Sex Short
Ganged by the Dogmen: A Double Knotting Cryptid Sex Short
Tasting Bigfoot: A Deepthroat Cryptid Sex Short
Suckled by Bigfoot: A Wet & Messy Lactation Sex Short
Spread for Bigfoot: A Gay Domination Cryptid Sex Short
Squirting for the Sasquatches: A Rough Group Monster Sex Short
Begging For The Sasquatches: A Rough & Intense Ganging Short
Chased By The Dogman: A Rough Outdoor Knotting Sex Short
Double Knotted By The Dogmen: A Rough Outdoor Group Sex Short
Sasquatches: Domination: 4 Rough Monster Ganging Stories
Pounded By The Abominable Snowmen: A Rough Group Monster Sex Short
Obedient for the Mothman: A Straight to Gay Cryptid Sex Short
Dogmen: Pleasing The Pack: 4 Intense Group Knotting Stories